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Eugene Marshall, Jr.Sports Highlights Feb 2019: Hampton U: Athletic Director Eugene Marshall, Jr. and Head Softball Coach Angela Nicholson
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Fairfax-Mount Vernon

With the generous support of the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, Mount Vernon and the Fairfax Network have partnered to provide schools with engaging distance-learning programs. Students K-12 will enjoy exploring our nation's beginnings and getting an in-depth view of our first president and the challenges he faced.

First in WarProgram Descriptions:

First in War: George Washington and the American Revolution

For: Grades 9-12

Explores how Washington’s leadership was instrumental in securing American independence.

History Meets Hollywood

For: Grades 9-12

Explores the positive and negative results of portraying historical figures and events through popular film

Nation to Nation

For: Grades 9-12

Explores whether Washington’s Indian diplomacy and policies set the stage for 19th century American policy

Primarily George

For: Educators

Educators highlight online primary source documents that can be used to teach students about George Washington

The Real Martha Washington

For: Grades 3-5

Examines America's first first lady's incredibly full and vibrant life

Seed to Table: Farming at Mount Vernon

For: Grades K-5

Profiles George Washington as a farmer and a businessman

Slavery at Mount Vernon

For: Grades 8-12

Examines the lives of the enslaved community at Mount Vernon and Washington’s changing attitudes toward slavery

Graduation videos

Graduation cap with DVDGet a copy of NNPS graduation ceremonies on DVD. Current year is only $20 until June 30! Ceremonies from 1998 to 2018 are $25. Exact change or check/money order is required. You may pick up your DVD or have it mailed to you at no extra cost. Order form for graduation videos

Telecom Program Highlights

  • Two years of hands-on experience in all aspects of television production
  • First-year students make broadcast-worthy material
  • Students earn college credit
  • TV-II students receive honors credit
  • Classes are taught by a faculty of working professionals
  • Students use state-of-the-art media production facilities
  • Students learn all phases of studio and remote digital broadcasting and production
  • Students can participate in local and national media associations
  • Students can compete using their skills on a state and national level (SkillsUSA)


NNPS-TV and the Telecommunications Center create award-winning programs. See the awards our team has won, including Telly, Videographer, Communicator awards.

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