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Dutrow SOL Pep Rally and Carnival; Charles, Dutrow and Saunders Elementary Bike Fleet; Gatewood PEEP Field Day

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Television Production studentsSports Highlights June 2018: Telecom/NNPS-TV Television Production students are featured
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Sports, news magazine shows, and other student productions.


Out of the Past

This series offers a humanistic approach to archaeology and anthropology to make connections between past civilizations and modern societies, examining how societies function and change.

Visit the spectacular Mayan center of Copán, Honduras, where archaeologists reconstruct this ancient society. Past and present cultures in Central and North America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East are also explored.

Eight one-hour shows.

ruinsShow descriptions:

1. New Worlds:
The Age of Discovery 500 years ago revealed a broad range of cultures, from the vast empires of the Aztecs and the Incas to roving bands of hunter-gatherers. This provided irrefutable evidence that cultures, like biological species, have evolved independently and on a global scale.

2. The Hearth: 
Examines how enculturation and economic cooperation have shaped the homes and families of people, past and present. Remains of houses at archaeological sites and footage of family life in traditional cultures provide a glimpse into what family life must have been like.

3. Artisans and Traders:
Explores the link between economic and cultural evolution. Hunter-gatherers and early agriculturalists had simple divisions of labor, but today people make a living in many ways. The proliferation of occupations and the extreme economic interdependence of today are the result of increasing job specialization, causing society to continually undergo restructuring.

4. Signs and Symbols:
Unearthing and interpreting the signs and symbols that define us as a species can be challenging yet revealing. From deciphering ancient scripts to understanding status symbols, archaeologists use ancient and modern examples to reconstruct the meaning of the symbols they find.

5. Power, Prestige, and Wealth:
Postulates how and why powerful groups or individuals have managed to control vast holdings from ancient times to the present day. The different methods archaeologists use to study how rulers gain and keep power are examined.

6. Realms:
Reconstructing actual borders of ancient kingdoms is often impossible, but archaeologists can reveal much of the internal workings of societies and their external relations by looking at marriage alliances, trade, and warfare.

7. The Spirit World:
Archaeologists look at ritual behavior and sacred spaces and objects in archaeological and ethnographic settings to attribute religious meanings. Examples from present-day, traditional societies show the complexity of spiritual life and the limits and possibilities of archaeological reconstruction.

8. Collapse:
The decline and fall of civilizations captures our interest. Could we be next, going the way of the Sumerians, the Romans, the Maya? The collapse of Copán, brought on by overpopulation and overexploitation of resources, is explored along with other ancient cultures that have faced the problems we confront today.


Graduation videos

Graduation cap with DVDGet a copy of NNPS graduation ceremonies on DVD. Current year is only $20 until June 30! Ceremonies from 1998 to 2017 are $25. Exact change or check/money order is required. You may pick up your DVD or have it mailed to you at no extra cost. Order form for graduation videos

Telecom Program Highlights

  • Two years of hands-on experience in all aspects of television production
  • First-year students make broadcast-worthy material
  • Students earn college credit
  • TV-II students receive honors credit
  • Classes are taught by a faculty of working professionals
  • Students use state-of-the-art media production facilities
  • Students learn all phases of studio and remote digital broadcasting and production
  • Students can participate in local and national media associations
  • Students can compete using their skills on a state and national level (SkillsUSA)


NNPS-TV and the Telecommunications Center create award-winning programs. See the awards our team has won, including Telly, Videographer, Communicator awards.

Join Our Crew

We are seeking students to join the award-winning Telecom team! Open to all juniors and seniors of Newport News Public Schools. See your guidance counselor or call us at (757) 591-4687 for more information. See the Telecom FAQ.

Summer Hours

The Telecommunications Center will be closed on Fridays June 22 through August 17.

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