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World Destination

ParthenonWorld Destination explores the cultures and sights of many beautiful and intriguing places around the world.

Grades 4-12

Approx. 26 minutes each

Program descriptions:


Although not the seat of government for The Netherlands, it is undoubtedly the capital of trade, finance, and culture.


Once the center of the classical world and oldest capital in history, the ancient city of Athens sparkles in the Aegean sun.


Cosmopolitan cities lie side by side with graceful harbors, spectacular mountain ranges, and stunning natural landscapes.


Catalonia's capital city is over 2,000 years old with a wealth of history.


Since its reunification, Berlin has become established as one of Europe's most fascinating and culturally diverse cities.


A journey though China is an experience for the real traveler. It is a trip of a lifetime, with magnificent beauty.


The island of Cyprus is blessed with beauty from beaches to rolling hills and forest-clad mountains with picturesque villages.


This is a land of centuries-old farms, vast tracts of woodland with hundreds of market towns, and country villages.


Dubai is one of the world's richest and newest countries. It is an enchanting balance of tradition and culture.


The Irish city of Dublin is rich in culture, tradition, and architectural beauty.

Heart of England

The Cotswolds are the largest areas of Britain, stretching over a hundred miles from Chipping Camden to the city of Bath.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a unique blend of 20th century commercialism and century's old Chinese culture.


Great Britain's Center for government and commerce, this capital city is cosmopolitan in its outlook and its inhabitants.


Madrid offers a fascinating blend of history and culture, with major metropolis flair and excitement.


Each year millions of tourists enjoy the perfect Mediterranean climate, beautiful mountains, and coastal views.


In the heart of Bavaria, the city of Munich is an important center for art and music.

New York

New York City is an exciting, vibrant, and electric city of vast cultural experiences.


Visit the sights of the historically romantic capital of France.


Rome has been the focal point of western civilization for over a thousand years.


Scotland is a land rich in tradition, stormy history, and a strong, proud heritage.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia boasts rainforests, exotic flora and fauna, secluded beaches, and primeval mountain peaks.


Shakespeare's country centers around the historic town of Stratford-Upon-Avon.


Vienna is alive with its musical heritage, magnificent palaces, and bustling cafes.


Lying just 14 miles from France, the island of Jersey has 50 miles of spectacular coastline and 20 miles of sandy beaches.