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Classic Arts Showcase

Classic ArtsClassic Arts Showcase is brought to you via satellite, and is available thanks to the vision and generosity of Lloyd E. Rigler, a California industrialist.

It was Rigler's lifelong love of the performing arts - and his concern that the majority of Americans are rarely exposed to the world’s greatest performances - that inspired the program.

Rigler sought to foster a wider appreciation of classic arts nationwide - through television. He envisioned the creation of a 24-hour non-commercial arts network, designed to bring the classic arts to the widest possible audience.

There is no program guide for CAS, because the beauty of CAS is that you’ll never know what to expect. It could be a rare film clip of George Gershwin performing one of his own compositions on the piano or Beverly Sills performing in a classic opera.

The element of surprise - not knowing exactly what’s coming up next - is part of what CAS is all about. The goal is to generate excitement and build a new audience for the wide range of performances presented through the arts.