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NNPS-TV wins awards for STEM videos

team with awards
Dr. Marjorie Wallace of Huntington Middle School poses with the NNPS-TV production team and the awards they won for STEM coverage.

Crittenden STEM Fair
Crittenden Middle School's STEM Engineering Fair

NNPS-TV has won a number of awards for videos relating to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiatives in Newport News public schools. The NNPS-TV production team supports these initiatives by covering activities in the schools and also conferences and meetings sponsored by the school division.

Weekly shows like "This Just In" and "News in a Minute" highlight STEM activities that are going on in the schools, from elementary to high school. These segments are included in "School Board Spotlight," which is a monthly show played at the School Board meetings.

Activities such as Menchville High's robotics team, Heritage High's Governor’s STEM Academy, the Summer of Inovation STEM Academy summer program and Crittenden Middle School's STEM Engineering Fair (which is like a science fair but incorporates the other STEM disciplines) are all things the NNPS-TV production team has covered in the past year.

"Transforming Science in NNPS" won a Bronze Telly Award and a Videographer Award of Excellence in 2012. The video was created in November of 2011 to showcase NNPS's innovative teaching methods, new equipment, renovated labs, and resourceful business partners. This video was played at the Science Expo and Open House, hosted by Crittenden Middle School, to kick off the STEM Initiative in Newport News Public Schools.

A video prepared for the "Business & Education STEM Summit," which was held March 29, 2012 at Jefferson Lab, won a Videographer Award of Excellence and a Communicator Award of Excellence in 2012.

The STEM Summit was sponsored by Newport News Public Schools and the Newport News Education Foundation. The purpose of the gathering was to boost community awareness of the NNPS STEM Initiative and STEM career opportunities, and to expand partnerships that prepare students for STEM-related jobs.

Students from all grade levels participated in the summit, exhibiting their STEM projects to administrators, teachers and professionals. The NNPS-TV video was played at the summit to show examples of the STEM Initiative at work in NNPS schools.

Production team members who worked on these videos include Station Manager Jim Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and Video Production Tech Aaron Moore.