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NNPS-TV's 'Fuzion Fitness' helps viewer lose 150 pounds
NNPS-TV's 'Fuzion Fitness' helps viewer lose 150 pounds
Leslie DuncanLeslie Duncan lost 150 pounds after being inspired by "Fuzion Fitness with Alexis" on NNPS-TV.
Photos: Beth Scott

Early morning channel-surfing habits sometimes lead to over-purchasing on the shopping channel. But for Leslie Duncan, it inspired better health and fitness -- and a brighter outlook on life. The Newport News resident dropped an unbelievable 150 pounds after stumbling across "Fuzion Fitness with Alexis" on NNPS-TV (Cox Ch. 47/Verizon Ch. 17) and making a commitment to improving her health.

Duncan, 34, liked the music and was intrigued by the host of "Fuzion Fitness," Alexis Perkins, who "was so encouraging," according to Duncan.

"Fuzion Fitness" is a 30-minute workout show created by Perkins, a fitness instructor and Telecom graduate, and Telecommunications Supervisor Ray Price. The show features Perkins and two fitness dancers exercising to music by local artists.

When Duncan first saw the show, she was at her highest weight at about 380 pounds. She had high blood pressure. She had pain in her back and knees. She describes herself at the time as an "emotional eater" who often felt sorry for herself.

Duncan watched the show for about a week, thinking maybe it was time to try in earnest to improve her situation. Finally she told herself to get up out of bed and do something.

Duncan stopped weighing herself at 380 pounds.
Photo: Courtesy Leslie Duncan

"I swear the light bulb went off in my head that day I started," she says, "and it forever changed my life."

Duncan, who works as a medical assistant at a clinic in Newport News, liked how Perkins explained the workout and had such a positive, upbeat attitude. Duncan followed the steps, but at first could do the exercises for only about five minutes. She was completely out of breath after that short amount of time.

But she tuned in regularly and tried to do the workout a little longer each time. She did this for a few weeks and steadily improved. She worked out with "Fuzion Fitness" every chance she got, at least three times per week.

Duncan also joined the YMCA and attended other fitness classes, and started doing Zumba® religiously. She changed her eating habits and now prepares her own meals and even makes her own smoothies and juice. She "eats clean," as she describes it, meaning a diet of vegetables, chicken, turkey, sometimes fish, and no "bad" carbs (like white bread, rice and potatoes). She mostly drinks water or green tea.

About the Show

"Fuzion Fitness with Alexis" is a 30-minute, high-energy exercise show that features locally-produced music. It was created by Telecommunications graduate Alexis Perkins, who hosts the show, and Telecommunications Supervisor Ray Price. They have been co-producing the show since 2010.

It was "the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life," Duncan admits about the effort to lose weight and exercise regularly. But she is convinced anyone who sets his or her mind to it can do it, too.

"Fuzion Fitness with Alexis" host Alexis Perkins is thrilled with Duncan's accomplishment.

"You can’t change for anybody but you. You have to be mentally ready to make that change," she says. "Losing weight and getting healthier is 90% mental and 10% physical. Once you set your mind to it, look out, there's no turning back!"

For quite a while, Duncan did not realize that "Fuzion Fitness with Alexis" was a local show and that Perkins teaches exercise classes nearby. She found out via a posting on Facebook advertising an upcoming class at TNT Bootcamp in Hampton.

"The first chance I got, I was in the building!" says Duncan. "I had a blast. She makes you want to push hard and give it all you got."

Duncan continues to attend Perkins' classes in addition to doing the TV workout at home. Her family has been very supportive, but they also tease her because she has changed so much, both physically and mentally.

"I can do so much more now," says Duncan. "I run, jog, ride bikes, kick box, do boot camp class, and take nature walks with my family."

She even plans to return to school and study nutrition.

"Alexis doesn't know how much she has helped me out," says Duncan. "I wish I could thank her a million times."

Watch the Show

"Fuzion Fitness with Alexis" airs on NNPS-TV Cox 47/FiOS 17 at 6:30 a.m. daily, plus Mondays at 7:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.  The show can also be seen online via nnpstv.com's webstream at those times.  Shows are available on demand and on YouTube as well.  DVDs of each "Fuzion Fitness with Alexis" show are available for $15 each.  Call 591-4687 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.