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'Fuzion Fitness' host publishes book

'Fuzion Fitness' host publishes book
Kinks to Curls book cover
Kinks to Curls will be released on December 6.

Alexis Perkins, the tireless exercise host of NNPS-TV's 'Fuzion Fitness' workout show, has collaborated with a fellow fitness instructor to write and publish a book on ... hair!

The book is called Kinks to Curls: The Natural Way of Creating Your Desired Curly Look. In it, Perkins and Tyshawna Witherspoon, who often appears alongside Perkins on "Fuzion Fitness," give solutions to black women who have been working against nature and still end up with coarse and uncooperative hair.

Kinks to Curls offers procedures and advice for going natural instead of treating hair with damaging chemicals.

"As instructors, we are constantly asked about our hair and how we maintain it," said Perkins, who is Co-Producer of 'Fuzion Fitness' and also is a graduate of the NNPS Telecom program.

"Both Tyshawna and I wore weaves and other 'protective hairstyles' for years. As a result our hair had grown a lot. We were very happy about out hair length and wanted to find a way to maintain it," Perkins said.

"We tried different things and were able to discover what works and what doesn’t. When we figured out what products and processes worked, we were ecstatic."

"Our excitement made us want to spread the word," she said.

Witherspoon and Perkins
Witherspoon and Perkins
Photo: Dexter Cohen

So the pair started writing the book. Over the course of about six months, they documented what hair regimen worked best and wrote the book.

"Our excitement just allowed the content to flow out onto paper easily," Perkins said.

Perkins and Witherspoon share the same philosophy regarding beauty, too, which made writing the book together easier.

"We also agreed about what impression we wanted to leave with readers. We wanted to promote natural beauty and to remove the idea that someone had to straighten their hair for it to be attractive," said Perkins.

"We wanted to redefine beauty and be positive role models to our youth in showing them their hair is beautiful the way it grows out of their heads and does not need to be chemically altered with relaxers or texturizers," Perkins said.

The big takeaway is that black women with natural hair have a lot more flexibility. This is especially true when exercise is concerned.

"A lot of my students say they can't come to exercise class because they just got their hair done," Perkins said.

With a more natural hairstyle, the book explains, a woman's whole lifestyle is enhanced, including the ability to work out when she wants to.

Another benefit of a natural hairstyle is the cost - natural hair care costs far less than expensive treatments.

"Our target audience is anyone with kinky or curly hair. This can include black or bi-racial individuals or the parents of kids who have our hair type," said Perkins.

"Tyshawna and I felt cheated that we just figured out how to make our natural hair look beautiful. We felt cheated because for years we had no clue our hair could do this," Perkins said.

The duo hopes their book will reach others who have struggled with their hair and help them find their natural beauty.

The book is available now as an e-book at the Google Play store, a Nook Book on BarnesandNoble.com, and a Kindle book or pre-order paperback on Amazon.com. Kinks to Curls will be available in stores December 6.

Perkins and Witherspoon will hold a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Newport News on December 10 from 2 to 4 p.m.