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NNPS-TV goes 'inside the gates' at JLab for EDC shoot

Nik Long shoots video of JLab equipment
NNPS-TV Producer Nik Long records B-roll images for the Elementary Design Challenge intro video. This piece of equipment is called "the Wiggler."
Jim Anklam photos

In early October, the NNPS-TV production team got to shoot on location at Jefferson Lab for the Elementary Engineering Design Challenge held October 28.

Jefferson Lab was the host partner, so the TV team worked with them to produce the "intro video" for the students to watch at the beginning of the Design Challenge.

The October "EDC" was called "Maze Craze" and had to do with light, prisms, and laser beams. To set the scene, the team ventured not only "inside the gates" of Jefferson Lab, but down to the "vault" of the "LERF," which is the Low Energy Recirculator Facility.

There, after a safety briefing, they set up the shot and recorded the spokesperson for the video, Lisa Surles-Law, who is JLab's Science Education administrator. The team also recorded plenty of B-roll for the video there, in the control room, and in the optic lab.

NNPS-TV Station Manager Jim Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and intern Sandra Demetrius went on the shoot. As always, the TV team worked closely with the EDC partner and the NNPS STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) department to create the video. Instructional Supervisor for Curriculum & Development Tami Byron wrote the script, which was edited by Long before the recording began.

The TV crew was led around the facility by Deb Magaldi of JLab's Public Affairs department. She wore a device to monitor the levels of radiation wherever they went. The team took note of the oxygen sensors there, too, and a big red button on the wall to signal an emergency.

The videographers got a lot of great shots of high-tech equipment, and especially enjoyed the one called "the Wiggler."

The Design Challenges are held four times a year, with each school sending a four-student team. At the challenges, the intro video is played for the students, giving them background information and introducing their challenge. The students then set out to accomplish the goal using critical thinking and STEM know-how.

This challenge was held at Newsome Park and was for fourth- and fifth-graders.

The intro video was cut together by NNPS-TV Video Production Tech Aaron Moore, who even managed to work in some old video from about 10 years ago. The archival video, which was provided by Jefferson Lab, was well done and helpful in explaining the topic, but was standard definition and poor quality by today's standards. But Moore managed to make it work and it added to the overall quality of the intro video.

In addition to creating the intro video, NNPS-TV covered the Design Challenge itself, so the team was out again in no time shooting that event for their "School View" show.

JLab EDC shoot photo gallery: