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Nelson Elementary students tour Telecom

Elementary TV students visit NNPS-TV
Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. shows elementary students the camera equipment in the studio.
Beth Scott photos

Students from Nelson Elementary School took a trip to Telecom earlier this month, to learn about careers in television production and see a working TV station up close.

About 35 students took a tour of the TV station, did some hands-on learning in the studio, and went inside the remote video production truck, which is used to produce football games and other remote broadcasts like graduations.

In the studio, Telecom Supervisor Ray Price and Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. showed them the cameras on large tripods and let them sit at the news desk and be seen on the camera monitor and the large display monitor. The visiting students learned a little about the equipment and studio operations.

Inside the remote video production truck they saw audio and video equipment like the video recorder; monitors; and the switcher, which is used to select which camera will be recorded or broadcast. The also learned about the character generator (or CG) and the audio board. They got the feel of what it is like to work in the small space, and also how much can be done from there despite it being inside a vehicle that can be driven down the street.

group aerial photoNelson students pose for a photo taken from the drone.
Gabe Odachowski photo

The students learned that they can join the Telecom program in high school, and that some Telecom students are employed for football games and other remote broadcasts. They learned about crew positions such as: Camera Operators, Technical Director, Character Generator, VTR/ DDR Operator (Replay), Audio Operator, ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Editor, Reporter, Announcer and Assistant Producer.

The children also got to see the drone in action, which is always fun and exciting for them because it is very much like a toy. The drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that flies with four rotors. A small video camera is attached to it, which allows NNPS-TV's production teams to capture aerial footage.

Telecom student Gabe Odachowski, who is a junior at Menchville High School, demonstrated flying the drone for them. Using the camera on the hovering drone, he was able to get images of the students standing in the parking area outside the station.

The students were thrilled to watch the drone in action. Being photographed is nothing new to them, but being photographed from the sky was something different.

entering the TV truck
Visiting students wait in line to go inside the remote video production truck.

Visiting NNPS-TV gives students interested in broadcasting a chance to see a real studio and talk with professionals in the industry, which is part of the NNPS "Career Pathways" initiative.

The students from Nelson Elementary had a great time during their visit to NNPS-TV, too. They were so excited to use the equipment and see themselves in the video.

Showing young students the types of creative careers available to them is something the NNPS-TV crew enjoys. Children visiting the station always have good questions to ask and are amazed by the interesting production equipment and techniques used when creating video.

Inspiring the next generation of TV/media producers is the goal of these tours and the Telecom program, too.