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NNPS-TV trains Career Pathways summer intern

NNPS-TV trains Career Pathways summer intern
intern editing at computer
Career Pathways intern Janiya Jenkins edits at her work station at NNPS-TV.
Photos: Beth Scott

NNPS-TV had a Career Pathways intern this summer: Janiya Jenkins from Heritage High School.

Career Pathways is a PK-12 program that allows students to explore careers and participate in work-based learning experiences.

For high schoolers, this means practical training like internships, apprenticeships and clinical experiences.

Oftentimes NNPS students get this type of training from local businesses, but NNPS itself has many opportunities for learning, with its wide range of careers.

"We have so many careers in the school system," said NNPS-TV Producer Nik Long, Janiya's supervisor. "We don't have to send them out to other companies."

"Arts, Audio/Visual Technology and Communications" is one of the Career Pathways. Long created the requirements for the internship at NNPS-TV and is trained and guided Janiya along the "path" of video production.

In finding a candidate for the internship, Long was looking for someone who had the "ability to learn technical skills, develop an artistic eye, and utilize creativity."

intern with video cameraJaniya came to NNPS-TV because she is interested in video production.

Furthermore, it had to be someone who was responsible, could communicate well, and "stay on task and on deadline."

Career Pathways interns are paid $7.25 per hour, and have to work at least 60 hours during the summer.

Janiya's Economics and Personal Finance teacher told her about the Career Pathways internship. NNPS-TV was the perfect fit because Janiya is interested in video production, particularly in directing and producing.

Janiya was one of seven applicants, and she was selected because of her outstanding résumé and work ethic. She enjoyed the opportunity to learn videography and how to use editing software like Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Luckily, Janiya is good with computers and technology, which comes in handy when using a modern video camera and editing video with professional computer software.

A rising senior, Janiya is very active in her school. She is involved in cheerleading, track, and chorus, and belongs to numerous clubs and honor societies.


Career Pathways interns are employed by NNPS and gain valuable experience applying their classroom knowledge and skills. Interns work within a NNPS department that best matches their career goals.

Newport News students gaining career experiences during the summer

So far, what she likes best about video production is telling stories visually. What she doesn't like is when people, especially kids, don't act naturally when she is video-recording them. Kids waving and making funny faces at the camera is not what she wants in her footage.

During her month here, Janiya has shot and edited video segments for a couple shows, and has learned a lot.

"She is naturally talented and learns fast," Long said. "She had never touched a video camera," he said, "but she is so talented and she pays attention, so she learned really quickly."

Alex Finneran, who has interned with NNPS-TV for the past two years, is back this summer, too. He is a rising senior at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Broadcast Journalism.

Long enjoys passing on his video production knowledge to interested youth and has guided a number of interns in the past.

"Nik was an intern himself," Station Manager Jim Anklam pointed out. "He knows exactly how it feels to be on the receiving end of the mentoring, which I think makes him an even better mentor."

Long was asked if he would take on another intern this summer, but unfortunately the resources wouldn't allow that.

"There's not enough editing stations," said Long, "or we would have more!"