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Telecom grad, 'Fuzion Fitness' star moves to new channel

Telecom grad, Fuzion Fitness star moves to new channel
Body By Alexis fitness dancers
Perkins and the Body By Alexis workout team
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Telecom grad and 'Fuzion Fitness' host Alexis Perkins does not slow down or stop moving. For the past eight or so years, the energetic fitness enthusiast has taught Zumba® at OneLife Fitness, hosted NNPS-TV's 30-minute workout show, traveled internationally to promote fitness, held a "Zumbathon®" fundraiser for breast cancer research, coordinated the LOVE Fest dance fitness event, and wrote a book, much of which was done while holding down a job in the television industry and raising a son.

Clearly there is no "stop" or "rewind" button anywhere near Perkins, just "play" and "fast forward." And after many years recording 'Fuzion Fitness' for airing on NNPS-TV (Cox Channel 47/Verizon FiOS Channel 17), Perkins is moving on to her next endeavor.

Perkins is now hosting a fitness show on a relatively new network, UBC-TV. According to their website, Urban Broadcasting Company, UBC-TV Network, is a Harlem-based broadcast multi-media company. Its goal is "to create original 'Urban Lifestyle' Programming that will be distributed over cable, VOD, set-top boxes, mobile, wireless, etc."

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'Fuzion Fitness' host Alexis Perkins
Body By Alexis studio
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Her new show is titled after her new studio: "Body By Alexis." The first season - consisting of eight episodes - has been recorded.

"I am so thankful because it all started off in Newport News Public Schools," she said. "I miss working with the student crew," she added.

'Fuzion Fitness' was created jointly by Perkins and Telecom Supervisor Ray Price in 2010. Perkins was a Telecom student when she attended Warwick High School, and after graduating from Norfolk State with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, she went on to work at WTKR NewsChannel 3, but fell in love with teaching exercise classes.

Price and Perkins decided to make a workout show, as co-producers, with Price serving as director as well. Telecom students were able to work as camera operators or in other studio positions during the video-recording, as a way to enhance their skills.

Perkins has actually known Price since she was 10 or 11 years old, because her older sister, who sadly passed away about five years ago, was in the Telecom program and had Price as an instructor.

"I had to be in the videos," Perkins said of the videos that her sister created for the class. "We had to use ketchup once when I got shot," she said, remembering her sister's gun safety public service announcement.

Watch 'Fuzion Fitness'

'Fuzion Fitness' videos on YouTube

The first 'Fuzion Fitness' shows were recorded in the studio at Telecom, but later shows were done at City Center, Buckroe Beach, the Hampton Roads Convention Center, and other local spots.

Local independent musicians allowed their songs to be used, which gave them a stage and audience as well.

Forty 'Fuzion Fitness' episodes were made by NNPS-TV. They will still air on NNPS-TV and most are available on demand on YouTube.