'Speed and Innovation' part of NNPS-TV's latest EDC video

'Speed and Innovation' part of NNPS-TV's latest EDC video
The NNPS-TV crew records Mariners' Museum curator Lyles Forbes in the "Speed and Innovation in the America’s Cup" gallery. The hull of Oracle Team USA's AC72, the USA–17, can be seen overhead.
Beth Scott photos

Just like Oracle Team USA's AC72 racing yacht, the NNPS-TV production team is a technological wonder: modern, sleek, fast, exciting, always pushing the envelope, riding on the edge, outperforming the competition by sheer will, determination, and guts...

And even if that is a bit of hyperbole, the school district's TV team does do fantastic work, often with a quick turnaround and always with professionalism and attention to detail.

The team that brings to life all the innovative learning and youth development that happens in Newport News Public Schools recently did what they do best: They created a high-quality video that conveys information geared toward students in a fun and interesting way.

The NNPS-TV production team was tasked with making the introduction video for the Elementary Engineering Design Challenge sponsored by The Mariners' Museum. The EDC was called "STEM Cup," as it was based on the America's Cup yacht race that Oracle Team USA's AC72, which is called the USA–17, won in 2013.

The USA–17 was donated to the The Mariners' Museum and her enormous and impressive hull is on display there, in the "Speed and Innovation in the America’s Cup" gallery.

Engineering Design Challenges are held throughout the year for elementary and middle school students. Student teams compete in a challenge that requires them to put their STEM knowledge to work, designing and building something. NNPS-TV's video is played at the beginning of the event to give the students background information prior to the challenge being revealed.

This EDC was for second- and third-graders, who attempted the challenge - making their own sailing vessel and racing it - after watching the NNPS-TV intro video. It was held June 8 at Newsome Park Elementary School.

Station Manager Jim Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and Video Production Tech Aaron Moore make up the sleek and edgy NNPS-TV production team. They work closely with the sponsor and the NNPS STEM team to make the introduction video.

NNPS STEM Instructional Specialist Kevin Nelhuebel worked on the script, as did Long and Mariners' Museum curator Lyles Forbes.

"He's a great resource," Long said of Forbes.

Besides helping with the script, the EDC sponsor provides the location and a spokesperson for the video. For the Mariners' Museum shoot, the NNPS-TV crew set up in the "Speed and Innovation" gallery. Forbes, who is Vice President of Collections and Chief Curator, was the spokesperson on the video.

Verizon Wireless, Jefferson Lab, and Busch Gardens are among past sponsors. The Mariners' Museum sponsored another EDC in 2017.

The shoot, appropriately, was smooth sailing. The giant catamaran, which is 72 feet long, couldn't really fit in the shot, but Moore incorporated lots of exciting footage of the racing yacht in action in the EDC intro video.

Mariners' Museum EDC shoot:

Spokesperson Lyles Forbes delivers his lines. Long uses the Osmo camera for close-ups of a J-foil. Long uses the Osmo camera for footage of the displays in the "Speed and Innovation" gallery.