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NNPS-TV garners new awards

Hermes Creative Award
The NNPS-TV team won a Gold Hermes Creative Award (pictured) as well as a Platinum one.

The team at NNPS-TV has earned a number awards for school-related video productions, including four Telly Awards and three Communicator Awards.

The team's expertise and dedication leads to unique videos about the programs and initiatives of Newport News Public Schools.

The videos can be seen on television and on the Internet. NNPS-TV is on Cox Channel 47 and Verizon FiOS Channel 17, on Roku and Apple TV, and online at nnpstv.com

A handful of particularly excellent videos won Telly, Communicator, and Videographer awards, as well as Hermes Creative awards, and an award from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).

The award-winning videos were: Engineering Design Challenge: Tower Power, NNPS WE LEAP 2017, Scouting Report #64: Outdoor Education 2017, and This Just In #416.

Station Manager Jim Anklam stresses the "team" aspect of creating award-winning videos, and acknowledged the staff for their contributions to the videos.

The production team, which includes Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and Video Production Technician Aaron Moore, tells the story with video and words; Webmaster Beth Scott uploads the videos to the websites and Roku and Apple TV app's, and promotes them online; Administrative Secretary Sitrena Williams handles closed captioning; and TV Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko maintains the station's broadcasting equipment so that the shows can be video-recorded and played on television.

"Communicating, teamwork, and having fun were essential elements to these productions," Anklam said. "As a team, we keep the communication and the work flow moving along despite any obstacles that might pop up," he added.

Long echoed the need for working together and keeping communication flowing.

"We couldn’t have completed any of these without our team working closely with different NNPS departments, outside companies, and other professionals," he said.

The NNPS television production team creates a huge number of videos for airing on NNPS-TV and viewing on NNPS-TV's various websites. The team also produces videos for professional development and informational videos for employees and the general public. The team has been making introduction videos for the Engineering Design Challenges, which directly support student education, since the spring of 2015.

"The Tower Power and Outdoor Education videos were fun and allowed us to be a bit more creative," said Anklam..  Both were "drone intensive," he explained. "The drone shots were a key element in telling the story."

Long said, "The Outdoor Education segment brought together weeks of footage, from multiple videographers, and multiple types of cameras.  It was neat to tell that story with so many great visuals."

"Communication was key in shaping the scripts, lining up shoots, gathering the necessary footage, and collaborating through post-production," Long said.

The WE LEAP video was produced and edited by Anklam's wife, JoEllen Anklam of Anklam Creative, using some footage from NNPS-TV's production team and former NNPS-TV intern Alex Finneran, as well as her own. It is about an NNPS program (Wonderful Extended Learning, Enrichment and Advancement Program - WE LEAP), which is a free after-school and Saturday enrichment program for grades 2 through 5.

"I especially like the script, music selection, editing, and interviews," said Jim Anklam of the WE LEAP video.

Both Anklam and Long agreed that the Tower Power video was more difficult to make than the others, mostly because of the tight deadline.

"Gathering all of the shots for the Outdoor Education video took a lot of time but it didn’t have the intensity of the time crunch that was part of the Tower Power production," Anklam said.

The awards earned by NNPS-TV attest to the quality of the team's work and their dedication. As always, teamwork and communication allow the team to be creative and put their skills to work toward a final product deserving of commendation.

The NNPS-TV television production team won the following awards:

Telly Awards:

Silver Award in the Children's Audience category: Engineering Design Challenge: Tower Power

Silver Award in Children's Audience category: NNPS WE LEAP 2017

Bronze Award in Sports category: Scouting Report #64: Outdoor Education 2017

Bronze Award in the News/News Feature category: Scouting Report #64: Outdoor Education 2017

Communicator Awards:

Award of Excellence in the category of Film/Video: Children's Audience - Engineering Design Challenge: Tower Power

Award of Excellence in the category of Film/Video: Children's Audience - NNPS WE LEAP 2017

Award of Excellence in the category of Film/video: Public Relations - Scouting Report #64: Outdoor Education 2017

Videographer Awards:

Award: of Excellence - This Just In #416

Award: of Distinction - Engineering Design Challenge: Tower Power

Hermes Creative Awards:

Platinum Award - NNPS WE LEAP 2017

Gold Award - This Just In #416

NSPRA Publications and Digital Media Awards

Award of Merit - NNPS WE LEAP 2017