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D.J. Dozier of NFL, MLB featured on NNPS-TV sports show

D.J. Dozier with Greg Bicouvaris
D.J. Dozier, left, and 'Sports Highlights' host Greg Bicouvaris, right, take a brief break during recording.
Photos by Beth Scott

A truly talented and versatile athlete was in the NNPS-TV studio recently to be interviewed for the long-running sports show, "Sports Highlights."

D.J. Dozier, who has the distinction of playing both football AND baseball professionally, was in the studio to record the show in September. He is featured on the October edition of the show.

After a stellar career at Penn State, Dozier spent five years in the NFL and one in Major League Baseball.

The Virginia Beach resident was a running back for the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions. Following his football career, Dozier switched to baseball, and after a couple years in the minor leagues, spent a season as an outfielder for the New York Mets.

William Henry "D.J." Dozier, Jr. was born in Norfolk and attended high school in Virginia Beach. He was originally drafted by the Detroit Tigers to play baseball right out of high school, in 1983, but instead went to college to play football.

At Penn State, where he was a consensus first-team All-American, Dozier scored the winning touchdown in their unexpected victory over Miami in the 1987 National Championship Fiesta Bowl. That game — which both teams entered undefeated, Miami was favored to win, and Penn State emerged victorious — is often cited as one of the most memorable championship games in the history of college football.

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Later that year, Dozier was drafted in the first round (#14 overall) of the NFL Draft. He joined the Minnesota Vikings and later the Detroit Lions, playing five seasons from 1987 to 1991.

Dozier signed with the Mets as an amateur free agent in 1990. He spent two years in the minor leagues - playing in his hometown of Norfolk for the Tidewater Tides - then moved up to the big leagues in 1992.

After his year with the Mets, Dozier was traded and returned to the minor leagues. He retired in 1994 and coached at the high-school level and became involved in missionary work that took him to foreign lands.

Penn State Great
Sports Illustrated cover
As a Penn State player, Dozier was on the November 11, 1985 cover of Sports Illustrated along with the University of Florida's Ray McDonald.

Dozier also worked in banking and financial planning. Today he is a Business Strategist, a public speaker, and has authored a book titled Decide To Dominate.

"Sports Highlights" host Greg Bicouvaris was able to get the interview with Dozier after meeting him on a radio show production. The TV interview was held in the large studio at NNPS-TV, with Telecom Supervisor Ray Price and Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. leading about four or five Telecom students in the production. The students worked as camera operators and audio operator.

Students enrolled in TV-I or TV-II who participated in Remote Video Production Training the week before school started, are able to apply for crew positions and work on television productions — including "Sports Highlights," live football, and other sports — throughout the school year. They are paid as interns and get valuable hands-on television production experience.


Decide To Dominate, by William H. Dozier III, was published in 2016.

Hiring for production positions is based on participation in the training sessions, auditions, job performance, and work ethic. Crew positions may include: Camera Operators, Technical Director, Character Generator, VTR/ DDR Operator (Replay), Audio Operator, ENG Editor, Reporter, Announcer and Assistant Producer.

Some productions are done in the NNPS-TV studio, while others are recorded on location. Besides sports competitions, remote TV productions include awards ceremonies and all six high school graduation ceremonies at the end of the year.

Getting to meet famous athletes like D.J. Dozier and work with them on a production is an added bonus Telecom crew-members sometimes get.

D.J. Dozier interview:

controlroom Camera operator
Telecom students and staff in the control room Student camera operator on the set