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NNPS-TV makes new Design Challenge video

A screen-grab from the EDC intro video
Video capture

Creating intro videos for Engineering Design Challenges is becoming "a breeze" for NNPS-TV, especially since they recently worked with Dominion Energy on a video about wind energy and turbines. Dominion is developing the first offshore wind initiative in the mid-Atlantic.

Titled "Generating the Future," the EDC was held January 11. The Engineering Design Challenges are part of the school district's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education initiative.

This was the first EDC for both middle and high school students. Teams of four students from each NNPS middle and high school were part of the competition, which starts with an introductory video produced by NNPS-TV.

The video was created by the NNPS-TV production team, which includes Station Manager Jim Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and Production Specialist Aaron Moore. Additionally, TV Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko, who has years of experience in radio, was enlisted to do the voiceover.

Moore did the editing, which this time included a lot of video from the sponsor (Dominion), either from links they sent or from searching on YouTube. Moore also used some stock footage.

"They have many different forms of energy," Moore said of Dominion, "so I had to find wind-oriented video clips." He then pieced them together to make a smooth-flowing video.

Moore "really brought the script to life with not much to work with at first," Long said.

STEM Instructional Specialist Kevin Nelhuebel wrote the original script and Long condensed it and made it work for the video, taking into consideration that this EDC was for older students. Similarly, Moore limited explanatory graphics, which are used for the younger children to label things and make them easier to understand.

The students' goal for this EDC was to build wind turbines that would generate the fastest blade tip speed.

As always, the NNPS-TV team "blew away" administrators and students with their fantastic EDC intro video.