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'School View' segment surpasses 100

Watch "School View" #100

NNPS-TV has surpassed another video-production milestone: Over 100 episodes of the segment "School View" have been produced.

"School View" is a quick, two-minute segment that features stories about NNPS division-wide activities. It is often part of NNPS-TV's longer, signature show, called "This Just In."

The first "School View" segment aired in September of 2014. Two segments were created with very specific needs, Producer Nik Long explained.

"We were tasked with making Accreditation/Student Progress and Graduation Rate segments," he said.

Long using camera
NNPS-TV Producer Nik Long on a shoot at a school

At the time, state education standards were increasing, resulting in more schools across Virginia falling below the requirements for accreditation. The NNPS-TV team needed to explain the situation to the public to avoid misinformation.

"These stories did not fit the style and length of our current segments: 'News In a Minute,' 'Scouting Report,' and 'Teach Green,'" Long said. 

"These new stories were going to include graphics for quotes, animated graphs showing data growth, and they were going to be longer in length," he continued.

So "School View" was created for the new segment. A third "School View" covering Science Fair changes across the school system was made, but it ended up as a stand-alone story called “Science Matters.”

After that, there weren't more stories pertaining to division-wide policies and serious news, and the segment morphed into reports of lighter news stories about activities in NNPS schools. The existing segment called "News in a Minute" had the one-minute time constraint that was hard to stick to, so the team began using "School View" for "any story we wanted to tell that couldn’t be told '...in a Minute,'" joked Long.

"We have a hard time finding "News In a Minute" stories," he added.

"School View" episode #100 aired at the end of January. The segment covers "Take Your Legislator to School," and features special visitors at Warwick High School and Discovery STEM Academy.

The NNPS-TV production team that writes, shoots, and edits the segment consists of: Long, Station Manager Jim Anklam, and Production Specialist Aaron Moore.

The team won a Telly Award for "School View" in 2015, for an episode about celebrating Veterans Day in NNPS schools.