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Telecom students win SkillsUSA State, move on to National

posing with scrapbook
Telecom students show off their OSHA scrapbook that won first place in the state at the SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference.
Ray Price photos

Telecom students Michael McClellan, Jerrl Bailey, and Seth Hursey have won the SkillsUSA state competition in the OSHA Rules Scrapbook category, and now will go on to compete at the national level.

The state SkillsUSA competition was held April 12-13 in Virginia Beach. It was the 55th Annual State Leadership Conference and Skills Championships.

The three Telecom students were joined by their instructor, Carl Daniels, Jr., and Telecom Supervisor Ray Price for the convention. All parties were extremely excited and proud of the accomplishment.

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Rules Scrapbook is a package of the students' research in their occupational area (Television/Video Production) pertaining to health and safety.

The scrapbook must contain a title page, table of contents, calendar of events, introduction, minutes of meetings, and four health and/or safety projects.

The projects are chosen from these five categories: Shop/Laboratory Health and Safety Survey, Machine and Equipment Safety, Workplace Inspection, Specialized Health and Safety Project, and Other Industrial or Occupational Health and Safety Project.

The competitors also had to create a one-page résumé and be interviewed by a panel of judges.

Of course, being Telecom students, they created a video as one of their projects. The video is an interview with NNPS- TV Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko, answering questions about safety rules and precautions used in the NNPS-TV television production truck.

The three students are all first-year Telecom students. McClellan and Hursey are 11th-graders at Woodside High, while Bailey is a junior at Warwick.

McClellan has competed in SkillsUSA before. He said the most important thing is picking a good team.

with instructors Students with Telecom Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr., and Telecom Supervisor Ray Price

"You have to pick good teammates because you're gonna spend a lot of time with them," he said.

"You have to see who works well as a team," he continued, adding that there can be no procrastinating getting the work done.

Hursey and Bailey were new to the SkillsUSA conference and competition.

Hursey enjoyed seeing all the skills and occupations represented at the conference, like construction, plumbing, automotive, and robotics. He appreciated the overall experience almost as much as winning first place.

"We had talked about winning," he said. "We wondered how many were competing against us and figured the odds were worse because there was so much more competition."

posing with medals Michael McClellan, Seth Hursey and Jerrl Bailey pose with their medals.

"We thought we would get silver or maybe bronze, but we ended up getting first place gold," he said.

Bailey enjoyed being on the team and attending the conference because he likes trying new things. He loved experiencing the trip to Virginia Beach and the events at the conference.

The students received their medals at the conference's closing ceremony.

The national competition will be held in Louisville, Kentucky June 24-28. Before that, the team has to add more pages to their scrapbook and fix a few things the judges recommended. Then they will compete at and experience an even bigger SkillsUSA conference, and more new things to try.