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Telecom live-streams, records New Horizons signing day

crew standing in front of TV truck
The combined crew from NNPS and Phoebus High
Carl Daniels, Jr. photos

Spring is the busiest time of year for students and staff at the Telecommunications Center, but that did not keep them from adding another item to their busy schedule.

On May 14, the Telecom crew video-recorded and live-streamed the New Horizons "Good Life Solutions" Signing Day Ceremony, which was held at Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton.

girl with long cable
A Phoebus Video Production student helps with the cable.

The event was a celebration of New Horizons students joining the workforce, and featured U.S. Congressman Bobby Scott as the speaker.

Following the speeches, the students and the training program they completed were announced and a representative from their new place of employment congratulated them, bestowing upon them a cap and a certificate from their company.

Congressman Scott
Video capture

According to their website, New Horizons Regional Education Center (NHREC) is operated by the six Peninsula school divisions to provide educational services that are most efficient to implement through a regional partnership, with the goal being to help develop a world-class workforce and self-sufficient citizens.

The Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) is part of New Horizons and offers training in a wide range of jobs, such as HVAC, Welding, and Criminal Justice.

The specialties fall under one of the following categories: Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Engineering/Manufacturing Technology, Health Sciences, Human Services, Information Technology, and Public Service.

students working at controls
A Telecom student operates the switcher as a Phoebus student observes.

Six Telecom students participated in the shoot, along with NNPS-TV staff.

Telecom Supervisor Ray Price was Producer/Director; Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. filled the roles of Assistant Director/Graphics/Production Assistant; and Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko handled the engineering and audio.

A Telecom student records during the ceremony.
Video capture

Because the event was held at 10 a.m. on a school day, it wasn't as easy to find students who could be part of the crew. To draw from a larger pool of workers, Price invited his son's students to be on the crew.

Michael Price is the Digital Media instructor at Phoebus High in Hampton, so he and some of his students from the Academy of Digital Video Production joined in.

It was a four-camera production that went smoothly. The seven "visiting" students from Phoebus helped with the production and also gained experience working on a remote production with the NNPS-TV truck.

The live stream on YouTube went well and the video can now be seen there on demand.

The Telecom team is always available to support school and community video needs, which allows more and more opportunities for TV students to gain hands-on work experience.