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SAGE Expo showcases Telecom talent

TV student with headset and video camera on tripod
A Telecom student demonstrates the type of equipment used in TV Production classes.
Ray Price/Seth Hursey photos

Telecom students recently participated in the SAGE High School Expo at Patrick Henry Mall. It was held on Saturday, May 4.

SAGE is the Student Advisory Group on Education. They are high school students, and they meet regularly with the superintendent of schools to share their views and offer input.

All NNPS high schools have representatives that belong to SAGE. To join, the student must apply and be selected to serve as part of the group for the school year.

The SAGE High School Expo was created in 2016 when SAGE members wanted a way to show the community the positive things they do in school. A display at the mall seemed a good way to showcase the many options and opportunities available to NNPS high school students.

TV student interviewing policeman
A Telecom student interviews a police officer while another student video records.

NNPS-TV's Telecommunications program is a fine example, since not everyone knows about it or the extent of the education and skills students develop through it.

Current Telecom students, along with Telecom Supervisor Ray Price, promoted the Telecommunications Center with a display of the type of work they do and the equipment they use.

They set up their TV equipment and mini production studio, conducted interviews, and video-recorded footage of the event for possible use in their student-produced TV shows.

TV students, instructor and TV equipment
Telecom students work with Supervisor Ray Price at the SAGE High School Expo at Patrick Henry Mall.

The students are always proud to show off their TV skills: the knowledge they have gained about the equipment and how to produce a show or an event for TV.

Telecom students participating in the SAGE High School Expo were: Cierra Hendrix, Michael McClellan, Joshua Fallesgon, Derick Miracle, Antonio Dix, and Seth Hursey.

Besides the school exhibits, the expo featured a student art show and musical performances.