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Telecom grad returns to speak to TV classes

young woman speaks in front of class
Eleanor Stuck, who graduated from Telecom in 2017, speaks to students about her college studies and crew work with ESPN+ ("ESPN Plus.")
Photo: Ray Price

2017 Telecom graduate Eleanor Stuck visited the NNPS Telecommunications Center as a guest speaker in mid-October. A junior at Longwood University, Stuck is majoring in Communications Studies with a concentration in Digital Media.

In addition to continuing her studies in media production, Stuck has secured a job with ESPN+ ("ESPN Plus"), working as a camera operator covering Longwood University sports for the "over-the-top" (cable-less) video streaming subscription service.

Besides college sports, the service streams MLB, NHL, NBA, and MLS games, PGA golf, U.S. and European soccer, boxing, tennis, and more.

According to Stuck, her favorite parts of Telecom were editing and sports broadcasting, and both "really prepared me for what I would do at college."

Knowing how to edit video really helped her in her classes and assignments, and having experience in sports broadcasting led to her becoming part of the student crew that streams Longwood's sporting events.

The ESPN+ crew is currently streaming soccer and field hockey, and will cover basketball in the winter and baseball and softball in the spring.

The ESPN+ gig came out of a class requirement, Stuck said.

"A class assignment was to volunteer for two games with ESPN+," she explained. "After three games, you can apply to become a paid member of the crew."

One might expect a college student to be nervous for the first game working for a huge media conglomerate like ESPN, but Stuck said that was not the case.

"Actually I was really confident because of Telecom. I knew I could follow the director’s instructions and put out a good product."

Stuck has mostly worked as camera operator, but is training on graphics and instant replay now.

Stuck spoke to both Television Production I classes (high school juniors) over two days, describing her college experience, her job with ESPN+, and her reflections and advice about attending the Telecom program.

She told the students that when she was touring her college as an incoming freshman, one of her professors told her that she knew as much as the juniors and seniors in the program. The professors were amazed that she knew how to set up and use the camera equipment, which is similar to the equipment used at Telecom.

Her biggest tip to current students: "Take Telecom seriously!"

She encouraged the students to take advantage of the opportunities at Telecom and to make a "résumé reel" before graduating.  Telecom seniors create these compilations of their work in the spring.

"Thanks to Telecom I was given the choice to graduate from college a semester early," she said, referring to the college credits she earned from her Telecom classes, and also the skills she had mastered.

"It proved I knew what I was doing," she stated.