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Learning at home: Tune in to NNPS-TV's educational programming

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Now that NNPS has had to close schools due to the coronavirus outbreak, the educational programming available on NNPS-TV is even more useful. Students of all grade levels having to continue their learning from home can simply turn on the local cable station (or watch online) to see a wide range of educational shows.

NNPS-TV can be seen on Cox Channel 47, Verizon Fios 17, and via live stream on Roku and Apple TV.

The webstream may be seen online at nnpstv.com anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity.

There is also a live stream on the NNPS-TV video site.

Shows cover topics like science, math, history, and Spanish.

Some of the shows are not of the newest, most state-of-the art production quality, but they teach lessons in a way that is geared toward children and easy to understand.

The NNPS-TV Program Guide makes it easy for parents to find shows appropriate for their children.

Outrageous Math and Outrageous Geometry are two "oldies but goodies." Everyday Math also has dozens of very practical lessons about math in the real world, like the costs of owning a car or a pet, paying your taxes, and planning a trip.

NNPS Educational TV

See a schedule of upcoming shows:

NNPS-TV Program Guide


NNPS At-Home Learning

Shows from the Fairfax-Mount Vernon Partnership offer excellent stories about George Washington and our nation's beginnings.

Three levels of Spanish air on NNPS-TV: Primary Spanish, Middle School Spanish, and Intermediate Spanish.

Some of the newer, more entertaining shows include Biz Kids and Biz Kids II, and Barney’s Barrier Reef.

For older students, the more technical science show, Shedding Light on Motion, employs an athlete demonstrating the properties of physics to highlight many concepts and formulas from the coursework.

So while the coronavirus has us working and learning from home, tune it to NNPS-TV for educational shows to supplement your child's learning.