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NNPS-TV team continues to capture school division's good work

meal distribution
A screen grab from "This Just In" shows the team's good work, capturing footage of NNPS meal distribution and providing information to viewers.
Video capture

Like everyone today, the NNPS-TV production team has had to adapt and be creative about how they do their job. Normally the team covers a huge variety of school activities, awards ceremonies, and even some sporting events -- all things that have had to be canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

But NNPS is still supporting its students, worthy news is still happening, and the TV team is still chasing down the stories and telling them to our viewers.

From the start, the team has documented the outstanding efforts of administrators, teachers, and technology and child nutrition staff to provide online learning and meals-to-go. They have kept up with awards and activities in a "socially distanced" way. And they are getting the word out and providing information about the status of the school division policies and offerings during the lockdown.

NNPS-TV was invited to get footage of a surprise Teacher of the Year announcement at the teacher's home, they video-recorded the herculean effort by the NNPS technology department to hand out computers and hotspots to students who needed them, and they have captured a view of the daily efforts of NNPS staff to provide meals to students.

The team has recorded parades of educators waving to students from their cars to support and encourage their pupils. Producer Nik Long even recorded a Family Fitness Night on Zoom while at home (perhaps on the couch).


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"Of course, our team is keeping our weekly show going, adjusting our work flow and never skipping a beat," said Long via email. 

To keep "This Just In" happening each week, Station Manager and show host Jim Anklam has been recording his "stand ups" at home, while Production Specialist Aaron Moore does video editing from his home (with his five young children). Long writes scripts and gets footage and web manager Beth Scott processes all the videos for the NNPS-TV website and school websites. Administrative Secretary Sitrena Williams adds the closed captioning using the script.

NNPS-TV Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko has been especially busy, with live broadcasts on TV and the internet for special forums as well as regular school board meetings, all of which have to be handled carefully due to the virus. He gets the show into the broadcast server for Master Control Operator Darrick White to schedule on the channel.

In the near future, NNPS-TV may be creating other types of videos, such as thank you's from school leaders showing their appreciation for front line workers, or online interviews, plus modified end-of-the-year celebrations like graduation.

At NNPS-TV, the wheels are always spinning - and the cameras rolling - when it comes to telling the NNPS success stories