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Telecom produces CNU's 50th Anniversary Gala

It was a fancy affair indeed that the Telecom crew had the opportunity to record: Christopher Newport University's 50th Anniversary Gala, held September 18. The Freeman Center Field House was transformed into an elegant venue where dinner was served amidst distinguished hosts and talented entertainers.

  TV crew

The crew from Telecom poses by the remote TV production truck at CNU.

The event was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the university and to raise money for scholarships. A variety of musical and dance performances followed four acts: Past, Present, Future and Celebration.

It was one of a growing number of events that Telecom has covered outside of its usual Newport News Public Schools realm. Telecom has recorded the last four commencement ceremonies for CNU, and last fall covered a college football game for the Apprentice School that was broadcast on NNPS-TV (Cox channel 47/FiOS channel 17). The students have also worked with the city on a City Council meeting broadcast.

Producing and recording events like these gives the students a wider range of experience and a glimpse of the activities, facilities and opportunities at other institutions. Any time they work on a different production in a different setting, the students learn how to adapt and get the job done.

Telecom students commonly work on productions of high-school football and basketball games, awards ceremonies, and the School Board meetings and work sessions. They have also recorded drama productions and festivals like last year's Hollydazzle.

Working on a high-profile event like CNU's gala was a highlight for the Telecom students. They were very proud to be asked to do the production and were thankful for the opportunity.

The student and instructional crew donned their dress uniforms and manned cameras on elevated platforms around the room -- five cameras in all. They worked with the Ferguson Center crew and several other production companies that handled sound, lights and audio visuals for the event.

Two super-sized video screens played images of the event as the camera operators recorded them. The crew used the remote TV production truck, parked outside the Freeman Center, to broadcast the images and record the event.

CNU gala:

camera operator   camera operator with headset
camera operator with screen   switcher screen in the truck
    Photos: Rachel Parker