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Telecom hits the beach with 'Fuzion Fitness'

James River Bridge
The Fuzion Fitness team works out with the James River Bridge in the background.
Photos by: Ray Price

The "Fuzion Fitness" production crew recently had an opportunity to do something they've wanted to do for some time: use the remote TV truck to record the show on location in an outdoor setting.

Telecom Instructional Supervisor/Fuzion Fitness Co-Producer Ray Price and Fuzion Fitness Co-Producer/Hostess Alexis Perkins had been thinking of taking the show to Huntington Beach on the James River for a long time.

The exercise show has mostly been recorded in the NNPS-TV studio, but for the last episode the team went on location to Beauty for Ashes Dance Studio in Hampton.

They then wanted to try an outdoor show on the water, similar to the way Newport News TV Channel 48 used to shoot its exercise show. The "Fuzion Fitness" team used the deck of the lifeguard station with the James River and the James River Bridge as the backdrop.

The Telecom crew got the remote TV production truck in place, set up their cameras, and kept their fingers crossed that the gathering clouds would not produce too much rain when it came time to shoot.

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"Fuzion Fitness" airs on NNPS-TV Cox 47/FiOS 17 at 6:30 a.m. daily, plus Mondays at 7:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. It can also be seen online via's web stream at those times.

Thankfully, the rain was minimal, and the energy was high, so the outdoor "Fuzion Fitness" production was a success. In the future, the team will be shooting the show in other locations and even in other cities.

About the show

"Fuzion Fitness" started in the summer of 2010, and features Perkins and two other fitness dancers doing a 30-minute workout. It can be seen on NNPS-TV Cox 47/FiOS 17, online via's web stream, and on demand.


"Fuzion Fitness" on-location production:

production truck  
camera operator
  camera operator 2


fitness dancing


inside the truck

camera operator

on the set