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Telecom's P.E. video to save the (rainy) day

When thunderstorms move in and kids can't go out, it's borderline a disaster scenario in the elementary school setting. Kids have been cooped up and need to burn off that extra energy, but can't play outside when there's rain, thunder and lightning. Sometimes the fields can't be used for a day or two until they dry out.

Students work out with Alexis Perkins for the video shoot.
Telecom student photos

The solution to this frustrating foul-weather fiasco? A workout video designed for schoolchildren, to be used in the classroom or gym.

The video is a collaboration among NNPS Health & Physical Education Supervisor Duke Conrad, Telecom's instructional staff and students, and "Fuzion Fitness" hostess Alexis Perkins.

A vision of Conrad's for many years, the project became a reality at the end of the summer when Telecom students were attending their week-long Remote Video Production training camp just before the start of school.

Normally the students learn video production all week and on Friday shoot a football game "live" as practice (the game is actually recorded instead of being broadcast). But this year, Telecom Supervisor Ray Price had them go on location to B.C. Charles Elementary School to record a "Fuzion Fit Kids" show that could be used in the classroom or gym in place of outdoor physical education, or anytime the students need it.

"Research shows students perform academically better when they combine physical activity with mental activity," Conrad said. "To get the blood flowing, it helps to move!"

According to Conrad, the exercises in the video are based on the Five Health-Related Components of Fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

The important thing, Conrad says, is to get the heart rate elevated.

In the video, Perkins does just that, leading three or four school-aged children in an aerobic dance workout that features music specially composed for the show by Dandy Bush. During part of the show, Perkins breaks down the dance to demonstrate each component so it easier for children to learn. There is a cool-down and stretching at the end.

Twenty-five Telecom students participated in the shoot with Price and Telecom Station Engineer Bryan Catlin supervising. Perkins led the children through the exercises while Telecom students operated three cameras and the other equipment needed for the production, much of which is in the remote video truck. The students rotated through the various positions so they could try different production jobs.

The video is just over 20 minutes long and will be made into DVDs for elementary schools. The team plans to create five episodes and will make more if funding becomes available.

Fuzion Fitness P.E. DVD:

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jumping   kids dancing

reaching high