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Telecom works with NNTV on city budget hearing live broadcast

Telecom student Anthony Dixon works as Technical Director during the City Budget Hearing broadcast. He selects which camera view to show on live television.
Photos by: Ray Price

High school students from the Telecommunications Center assisted the City of Newport News' television station (NNTV Cox 48/FiOS 19) in the production of a live broadcast of the city budget hearing on April 15.

Mayor McKinley Price presided at the meeting, which was held at Mary Passage Middle School. It was the second of two public hearings on the City Manager's Fiscal Year 2015 Recommended Operating Budget.

State code requires one public hearing, but because of the unique geography of Newport News, two hearings are held for the convenience of city residents.

City Manager Jim Bourey thanked the NNPS-TV student crew for helping broadcast the hearing live.

Seven Telecom students were part of the crew that included staff from NNPS-TV and NNTV. The two stations have partnered to broadcast the annual hearing for the past six years.

The live broadcast, which is simultaneously available online, provides a service to Newport News residents who cannot attend the hearing. The video is available "on demand" afterward as well.

As a high-profile production working with city officials and the city television station, the event is an opportunity for Telecom students to demonstrate their skills and professionalism. Working on the budget hearing broadcast also gives the students a chance to see local government at work.

Watch the hearing on demand

City Council Webcasts

NNPS-TV used their remote video production truck for the broadcast. Telecom Supervisor Ray Price and Station Engineer Bryan Catlin led the Telecom students throughout the production.

Students served in specific roles such as Technical Director, CG (Character Generator)/Graphics Operator, Audio Engineer, Production Assistant, and Camera Operator.

Being part of the crew on a live remote broadcast is one of the ways Telecom students gain hands-on experience. And working side-by-side with the city crew means another chance to learn from experienced professionals.

The video was broadcast live on NNTV (Cox 48/FiOS 19) and can be seen on demand on the city's website under City Council Webcasts, or at the following direct link: http://newportnews.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=1907. The minutes are also available there.

City Budget Hearing 2014:

set up




Sound Engineer   inside production truck