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Telecom students get a jump on learning
boothTelecom students set up in the press box at Todd Stadium prior to the Denbigh-Tabb "practice" game.
Photos by Telecom staff & students

Students who are enrolled in TVI or TVII are invited each year to attend Remote Video Production Training. The training helps them achieve proficiencies that are required as part of their course, but more immediately it enables them to complete the task at hand: video-recording high school football games for broadcast on NNPS-TV (Cox Channel 47 and Verizon FiOS Channel 17).

Football provides a great opportunity for hands-on learning by TV production students. There's lots of sports action and a marching band performance to capture, plus coaches and administrators to interview, and many other jobs to do. It is a real on-location production.

Remote Video Production Training is held the week before school starts, and includes classroom and studio time, guest speakers, and a practice football game at the end of the week. About 15 students participated this year.

Once students have been trained, they are then hired to work the football games. This year, the games will not be broadcast live, but will be recorded and shown the Wednesday following the game. Three games will be featured, with the first one being Denbigh vs. Heritage on September 5.

Students apply for the various positions available for a particular production.  Hiring for remote production positions is based on participation in the training sessions, auditions, job performance, and work ethic. The students are paid minimum wage when they work.

As many as 15 students are employed for football games.  Crew positions include:  Camera Operators, Technical Director, Character Generator, VTR/ DDR Operator (Replay), Audio Operator, ENG Editor, Reporter, Announcer and Assistant Producer.

Besides football games, remote TV productions include basketball games, awards ceremonies, and all six high school graduation ceremonies at the end of the year.

Telecom Supervisor Ray Price and Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. run the training, lecturing on the basics of TV production, demonstrating how to use the cameras and other equipment in and outside the studio, familiarizing the students with the production truck, showing football clips, and instructing the students in TV production terminology.

NNPS-TV Sports Announcer and "Sports Highlights" Host Greg Bicouvaris helps train on-air talent (announcers and reporters).

It's a crash course in TV production to prepare for football season, but it also gives the students a head-start on course requirements and acquiring real-life job skills. And the prospect of a paycheck for their work makes it a little easier to give up that week of summer.

Remote Video Production Training