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Telecom students 'represent' at SAGE Expo
Telecom students 'represent' at SAGE Expo
Telecom students show off their equipment and expertise at the SAGE Expo at Patrick Henry Mall.
Ray Price photo

On Saturday, April 23, Telecom students participated in the SAGE Expo at Patrick Henry Mall. SAGE is the Student Advisory Group on Education, a group of high school students that meets regularly with Superintendent Dr. Ashby Kilgore to share their views and offer input.

The SAGE Expo showcased the many options and opportunities available to NNPS high school students, like the Telecommunications program. The expo featured school exhibits, a student art show, and musical performances.

"The Expo was initiated by SAGE students," said Tracy Brooks, Special Assistant to the Superintendent. "It came from conversations about pride in their schools. They wanted to showcase the positive things they do."

Telecom students created a display to promote the Telecommunications Center and exhibit the equipment they use and the type of work they do. They also video-recorded footage of the event to use in their student-produced TV show.

"It was wonderful to have the Telecom students there taking footage and talking with the community," said Brooks. "The main purpose was to showcase our schools to community, many of whom have not been in high school in many years and have no kids in the system.

"People were amazed at the equipment the students have access to in high school. They remembered having only one camera at their high school and were surprised at how well-equipped our station is."

The Telecom students produce a TV show called "Focus," which is a news, information, and interview show that covers a wide range of topics. They do Electronic News Gathering (ENG), studio interviews, editing, and graphics for the show as part of their coursework for TV Production class.

A report on the SAGE Expo will be included in one of the upcoming episodes, which air on NNPS-TV Cox Channel 47/FiOS Channel 17.

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