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Telecom shoots CNU graduation for 10th time

Telecom shoots CNU graduation for 10th time
student camera operator
Telecom student Eleanor Stuck operates her camera at the CNU graduation ceremony.
Photo by: Telecom staff/students

For the tenth consecutive year, the Telecom crew video-recorded the Christopher Newport University graduation ceremony for production to DVD.

The 2017 commencement exercises were held Saturday, May 13, and constant rain on Friday - and a forecast for more - forced the ceremony to be moved indoors. It was held in the Freeman Center, which was a huge relief to the TV crew.

"We have to set up the day before," said Ray Price, Telecom Supervisor and Producer/Director of the production.

"We were so happy when they made that call," he said of moving the ceremony indoors. Shooting the production in the rain is something the TV team likes to avoid, so they were pleased that it was moved indoors with plenty of time to allow them to set up their equipment.

"We were done and testing by 2 p.m.," Price said of the Friday set-up.

He has led the production team since Telecom started covering the college graduation in 2008.

About five students and three Telecom graduates were part of the crew. NPS-TV staff working the production included Price, Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. (Assistant Director/Graphics/Production Assistant), and Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko (Engineer).

Students taking part in the production were: Gabe Odachowski (Technical Director), Deon Davis (DDR/Master Recorder), Jason Hoyle (Production Assistant), Summer Eley (Audio), and Eleanor Stuck (Camera Operator).

Telecom graduates Dwayne Peterson, Carmen Scott, and Lawrenzo Green were camera operators.

Crew call was at 6:15 a.m. for the 10 a.m. ceremony. The Telecom crew's video is captured for production to DVD, but is also used on the screens that display the event for those with seats farther back.

The Director, Technical Director, and the crew handling the character generator, audio, and switching equipment work inside the remote video production truck, while the camera operators are set up inside the venue. They are able to communicate via headsets.

This year, Mitchell B. Reiss, president and CEO of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, was the keynote speaker. Over 1,250 students received degrees.

The DVD's will be available to CNU graduates to purchase.

CNU Commencement 2017:
Photos by: Telecom staff & students