Telecom student crew

To everyone on the Great Lawn's great relief, the weather held for Christopher Newport University's graduation ceremony May 11. With the threat of rain a big concern, Telecom crew-members were thrilled that the ceremony remained dry and even had some sun.

Shortly thereafter, there was a downpour.

"Right when I finished unloading the equipment at the studio, it just opened up," said Telecom Supervisor Ray Price, who served as Producer/Director.

"They [the students] are fast at strike [breaking down and stowing equipment]," he continued, proud of his students since it's especially important when it's about to start raining.

Price has been leading the Telecom students in the CNU graduation production since 2008.

The day before the ceremony, Price moved the NNPS-TV remote TV production truck into place and the Telecom crew set up and did testing.

Crew call was at 6:15 a.m. the next day for the 10 a.m. ceremony, and luckily the rain was forecast to start after the ceremony was over.

Ten Telecom students made up the student crew. Taking part in the production were: Derick Miracle (Technical Director), Collin Smalls (Camera 1), Ryan Mullen (Camera 2), Tyson Odette (Camera 3), Xavior Davis (Camera 4), Brandon Hedgepeth (ENG Camera), Joshua Fallesgon (ENG Camera), Antonio Dix (Production Assistant), Trayon Mobley (Camera/Production Assistant), and Joshua Stuck (Audio).

NNPS-TV staff working the production included Price, Instructor Carl Daniels, Jr. (Assistant Director/Graphics/Production Assistant), and Broadcast Engineer Greg Lesko (Engineer/Audio.

During the ceremony, student "ENG" (Electronic News Gathering) camera operators get shots of the graduates and the crowd with hand-held video-cameras. The other camera operators have their cameras on tripods on top of platforms. They get the more formal shots of the ceremony including the speakers, musical performances, and the conferring of degrees.

The director, technical director, and the audio and graphics operators all work inside the TV truck.

The Telecom video feed was displayed on the giant LED screens at the ceremony, and was also used by CNU to stream it live on the Internet.

The graduation ceremony will be produced for DVD, which will be available for CNU families to purchase.

Soon the students will be hard at work producing, recording, and live-streaming more graduation ceremonies: all six of the NNPS high schools. those ceremonies will be held June 5, 8, and 9.