teachers using technology in classroom

NNPS teachers had to hurriedly adapt to virtual and then hybrid learning in order to continue educating students as well as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thinking outside the box, improving technology, collaborating with other teachers, and relying on their own determination led to success in the classroom and the "classzoom" during a challenging year of pandemic protocols.

To showcase these super-human efforts and demonstrate how hybrid learning works, the NNPS-TV production team created a new video called "Hybrid Learning." It highlights the innovative teaching methods and teacher collaboration that proliferated during social distancing and online learning.

teacher with mask and kindergarteners separated
Kindergarten Teacher Elizabeth August teaches in her socially-distanced classroom.
Photo: Video capture

The NNPS-TV production team used classroom shots, video of Zoom sessions, and interviews with a number of NNPS educators to add real-life scenarios and insights to the video. The team video-recorded footage at at Watkins Early childhood Center, Discovery STEM Academy, Dutrow Elementary, Gildersleeve and Washington middle schools, and Point Option, Heritage and Menchville high schools.

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The production team consists of NNPS-TV Station Manager Jim Anklam, Producer Nik Long, and Production Specialist Aaron Moore. Anklam and Long conducted and recorded the interviews, and Moore edited the video.

"Aaron did a great job on the editing," said Anklam. "The teachers said so many good things," he continued, "keeping the best for the story - that's what editing is."

male teacher with laptop and computer equipment
Menchville High Math Teacher William Ott now has high quality eletronic assignments to re-use and share.
Photo: Video capture

Like the teachers, Long thought out-of-the-box and used his iPad's dictation tool to transcribe the interviews from the video. He played the video and held the iPad up to his speaker to convert the audio into text, which became the final script as well as the text for closed captioning.

Although NNPS is planning to go back to in-person school in the fall, some of the new teaching styles and adjustments will stay in place because they proved worthy. Continuing to collaborate and developing classroom assignments in a digital form that can be shared are two things that will endure.

NNPS-TV producers captured and brought into focus these educator successes, which emerged from an unprecedented time of restrictions and limitations.

According to Long, these creative solutions "will help them become better teachers, regardless of the situation."

Highlighting teacher excellence and innovative teaching methods is a priority of NNPS-TV, and the "Hybrid Learning" video does just that.