camera and camera operators

The recent Telecom livestreams of high school volleyball were made possible - or at least simpler - by a WiFi camcorder made by JVC.

Telecom Supervisor Ray Price purchased the camera a few years ago, intrigued by its sports-video production capabilities.

The Telecom crew often uses its large remote video production truck to televise and stream live sports events, but lately they have used their portable switcher (an ATEM Mini Pro from Blackmagic Design) for some broadcasts, including football last spring.

During the pandemic, the crew had to be kept to a minimum for social distancing purposes. Using the truck could require a crew of 15, but with the portable switcher, the broadcast could be done with only five.

Even more streamlined is the setup used for volleyball, which is a single camera that has a WiFi antenna to connect to the Internet in the gym.

Price operates the camera, Telecom Intern Brandon Hedgepeth monitors the feed on a laptop, and two announcers provide play-by-play and commentary, meaning a crew of only four is needed.

The volleyball games were livestreamed on the Telecom student YouTube channel (, and they can be viewed there on demand now.

Telecom student and Menchville volleyball player Jordyn Hester loved having the livestream on YouTube, Price said. Her grandmother, who lives in New Jersey, had never seen her play a sport and was so excited to see her in action live on YouTube.

Making it easier to watch family members and friends play sports or receive recognition for their achievements is one of the benefits of NNPS-TV and the Telecom program. TV shows like "This Just In" and "Scouting Report" highlight students and their successes, and live broadcasts of graduations, awards ceremonies, and sporting events allow those who are unable to attend in person to share the experience, too.

"That's what it's all about," said Price.