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The production team at NNPS-TV has created a series of videos offering "at-home" tips and ideas to help students learn and grow.

The team decided to produce extra content to add to their news show, "This Just In." For example when the theme for the week was “technology,” they created a "Technology at Home" video to complement the stories about NNPS students using technology in the classroom.

So far, other videos in the series include reading, kindness, and fitness as subjects.

NNPS-TV Producer┬áNik┬áLong writes the scripts using NNPS resources where possible in order to keep the message consistent. 

For the “Technology” story he contacted Billie Hart, who is the NNPS Supervisor of Instructional Technology. 

"Since she works with the school-based ITC’s," Long said, "she was a great resource and gave me a huge list of free and affordable technology that can be used at home."

For other segments, he uses information from the NNPS website to structure his script, then adds details from knowledge gained over the years covering student activities.

Sometimes, the team uses outside websites or even lessons learned from their own parenting experience.

NNPS-TV Station Manager Jim Anklam proofs the scripts and adds input, while Production Specialist Aaron Moore finds the needed footage and edits it together.

"Since we can’t follow kids home and videotape them," Long said, "we rely on stock footage a great deal to visually drive this series." 

Some of the episodes do use NNPS-TV footage, too, of students exhibiting the profiled behavior or using the tools recommended in the video.

"Moore does a wonderful job finding all the footage and cutting it together into a meaningful story," said Long.

The NNPS-TV production team's goal is to support families, parents, and caregivers with this series. 

"Learning and academic growth must continue at home for any student to succeed in life," said Long.

By providing additional resources and creative ideas in short but informative videos, the NNPS-TV team hopes to make parents' jobs easier and students more successful.

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