Student at editing station

It's just like old times for Eleanor Stuck, a 2017 graduate of the NNPS Telecommunications program. She is back working on video production at the Telecommunications Center, although her role is decidedly different.

She is now a senior at Longwood University and doing an internship for an upper-level communications course.

Reporting to Telecom Supervisor Ray Price, Stuck will be producing promos for the various NNPS-TV broadcasts, streaming networks, and TV shows, as well as for the Telecom program itself.

She will assist with school events and athletic broadcasts when such things resume, plus delve into social media and tackle an update to the prop room.

She is currently working on producing the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) promo, which Telecom students create every year, but this year has to be done "virtually."

Stuck has her work cut out for her, since she is to complete 150 hours of work before classes start back up for the spring semester.

"I am really enjoying being back at Telecom and doing work for the television station again. I enjoy working on new things and figuring out how to make the projects come to life," she said.

Stuck is majoring in Communications Studies with a concentration in Digital Media. She will graduate in May.