Title screen What's Cooking?

Telecom students have been keeping busy with innovative projects they can do at home using their cell phones.

Students in TV-I have created 30- and 60-second PSA's, including some about COVID-19 precautions, while students in TV-II made promotional videos about the Telecom program.

For the Telecom program promo, the students used pictures, music and graphics provided by their instructor, CarlĀ Daniels, Jr. They used their creativity to edit it together however they liked.

One fun assignment for both TV-I and TV-II was a cooking show, called "What's Cooking?" Students had to record a video demonstrating how to cook something. It could be anything they wanted. Many students chose something simple like grilled cheese or fried eggs, while others went with a more entailed recipe, like seasoned chicken or smothered pork chops.

The Telecom student could be the talent for the show, or enlist a parent or other family member to do the cooking.

All of the cooking videos used the same "What's Cooking?" introduction, which was provided to the student-editors by Daniels.

To create the cooking video, the students prepared the script, set up their camera (cell phone), and adjusted the lighting if necessary. They coached the talent or hosted the show themselves. Then they edited their footage into a cohesive show, adding the intro, and in some cases, screens showing the recipe instructions.

A number of the videos have been posted on Telecom's YouTube channel. And many of them will be airing on NNPS-TV during February and in the future. NNPS-TV can be seen on Cox Channel 47, Verizon Fios Channel 17, Roku or Apple TV livestream, and online atĀ nnpstv.com/webstream.

knife chopping
A student slices an onion as part of her cooking show.
Video capture