These are the jobs that Telecom students will fill during live football broadcasts and other remote productions.


CG Operator (Character Generator Operator)

Position requires training on the Inscriber Character Generator (CG). The CG operator is responsible for updating all graphics by Thursday of game week. The CG operator is responsible for live Inscriber operation during the event. Crew responsibilities include assisting with setup and strike.

VTR/DDR Operator (Video Tape Recorder/Digital Disk Recorder Operator)

Requires training on Digital Disk Recorder for Instant Replay as well as tape deck and linear console editing. In addition to controlling video playback and replays during games, the DDR operator will be responsible for loading all video inserts prior to Friday crew call and handling all tape machines (record/safety record and playback). Crew responsibilities include assisting in setup and strike.

Color Commentator

This position requires on-air announcing of games working with adult play-by-play announcer. Interested students must bring an audio or videotape recording, no longer than five minutes, demonstrating their speaking skills and knowledge of sports. Crew responsibilities include assisting in setup and strike.


The reporters will be responsible for information gathering, videotaping and editing of stories, scores and standings relating to the other fall sports. This requires good phone and information gathering skills. Reporters will accompany Mr. Price and Mr. Bicouvaris during game week coach’s interviews and tape segments with senior football players. The reporters will write scripts where appropriate and perform either live or taped cut-ins for the broadcast. One reporter will also be responsible for doing a sideline interview during the game.

Camera Operators

Each Camera Operator is responsible for setting up and striking their camera. Camera operators cover the event ‘live’ in communication with the director. This is a demanding position requiring attention to detail and the ability to work quickly under pressure. Sideline/hand held camera work requires intensive physical labor as well. Camera work is the foundation of all video production.

Audio Mixer / Technician

The Audio Operator is responsible for operation of the audio console during production as well as checking all sources and assisting DDR prior to production. During the production the audio operator must respond quickly and accurately to the director. Crew responsibilities include setup and strike of all microphones and other sound sources.

Technical Director

The TD is responsible for live switching during the actual event. This is the physical operation of the board that selects among a number of video sources including cameras, tapes and the CG. The TD will assist in developing standard transitions with the director and helping the DDR operator prior to the event. Crew responsibilities include assisting setup and strike.

Assistant Producer (second year students preferred)

The AP will handle a number of administrative functions during the week including script writing, taping and editing as well as assisting in loading tape elements into the DDR and proofing CGs. During the game the AP will coordinate talent efforts with the producer and director as well as handling all ‘gopher’ tasks that may entail. Ideally, the student(s) working as AP will produce and/or direct Van productions during the second half of the school year.

ENG (Electronic News-Gathering) Editor

The Editor will be responsible for editing stories during the week and shooting and editing a 3:00 montage at the game for playback under the credit roll. If it is possible to stream program into an editor on site, this position may have further responsibilities. Crew responsibilities include setup and strike.